Saturday, 26 May 2012

Can Spiderman come out to play?

SOoo I have done a superhero inspired nail design.
Spiderman, a poor boy bitten by a spider OR an excuse to do your nails red AND blue :)

So the usual routine with base coat and then the base colour, in this case red and blue. Any make will do I just chose two that were closest to the colours used in the film. 

To do the main Spiderman symbol I found a picture and just did it free hand on an envolope first and then onto my nail. I then filled in the web in the back. To be honest, I wouldn't put these in next time but we live and learn :)

For the other nails I chose to alternate red and blue with webs on them. You could add a little spider on the web if you like but I thought it might be a bit too much. 

So I hope you like and why not give it a go

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